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Saturday, 19 January 2013

It's just a bit of fun... Part 2

I started something last week and now I just cant stop and so I present the "Stupid Tournaments based on Team names" Part II.

Lets start off with the Military Cup Final shall we? 
Rajnavy Rayong vs El Nacional

Rajnavy Rayong are the team of the Thai Royal Navy and El Nacional are a team of the Ecuadoran Military forces. The Ecuadorans would be strong favourites as they are one of that countries most successful clubs and the Ecuadoran League is stronger than the Thai one. 

There's always the Perth Cup
Perth Glory vs St Johnstone
Perth in Western Australia is the most remote city in the world and has a population of almost two million people including it's surrounding environs whereas Perth in Scotland is just touching forty five thousand. Despite this I'd fancy St Johnstone to beat the Glory based on current line ups. For the record St Johnstone was the historical name of the town of Perth thus the club name.
How about the "Not where you think they are" Cup quarter finals?
 Barcelona vs Juventus
Here we have two of European footballs big hitters, or actually we don't. This Barcelona hail from Ecuador and Juventus from Brazil. Like their European namesakes you'd fancy Barcelona to win this one.
 Arsenal vs Everton
White the Gunners versus the Toffees is a staple fixture in the English top flight but this game would be between sides from Argentina and Chile respectively. I imagine that most times arsenal would win this as you would expect with the same game in England. 
Boston vs San Francisco
At first glance you'd expect this to be a tie between the Eastern Seaboard and West Coast of the USA but surprise surprise you'd be wrong. Boston United are based in plain old Lincolnshire rather than Massachusetts and San Francisco are in fact not from California but Panama. Put your money on the Panamanians to win this one.   
Santiago Wanderers vs Bohemians
Ok so far all the teams have been from countries you wouldn't expect but in this one Santiago Wanderers are actually from Chile. For reasons best known to themselves they aren't based in that long skinny country's capital city of Santiago. As for Bohemians, where's Bohemia? I'll tell you where Bohemia is and it's basically the western half of the Czech Republic. It's a long, long way from Dublin where the football club are based. I'd imagine the Chileans would win this.

How about another historical one? Here's the final of the Age of Discovery Explorers Cup Final.
Columbus vs Vasco da Gama
For a man who never set foot on the mainland of the Americas and thought he had found eastern Asia Christopher Columbus doesn't half get a lot of credit. Columbus crew are not directly named after him but their home town of Columbus, Ohio is. Vasco Da Gama, from Rio de Janeiro, are named after the famous Portuguese explorer of the same name and another man who never so much as visited the New World. The Brazilians would be the winners of this one. 

Some more modern history now with the "Warsaw Pact countries that don't exist anymore" cup final. There's not a huge number of entrants for this one.
Yugoslavia vs USSR
The break up of these two countries spawned no less than 23 new footballing nations in Asia and Europe so there was obviously a bit of talent there. Even though the Yugoslavs were  excellent you would still imagine the sheer power of the Soviets would win this one.

Here's one with a more domestic flavour. It's the Fictitious Sides Cup Final
Harchester United vs Warbury Warriors
Harchester United were the team which the soap opera "Dream Team" revolved while Warbury Warriors are the team featured in the newspaper comic strip "Striker". I've never followed either to be honest as while I am clearly a sad individual as this blog suggests I do have a bit of a life. Who knows which side would win. That would be a stupid thing to ponder, not like the rest of the blog, right?

I'll stop there but I may well be back with this. I've got loads more of these...

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